Infoware is a Mississippi corporation founded in August 1994, and in November of 1998 began marketing digital voice products primarily to the healthcare industry. Since that time, we have diversified our product lines to incorporate voice management solutions for not only healthcare, but legal, insurance, law enforcement, and general business.

From inception, Infoware’s focus has been to offer quality products and provide excellent service to its customers. In today’s fast-paced world, so many service organizations depend solely on remote access to provide maintenance services. While that is certainly an option, it is important to note that along with remote access, we provide on-site installation, training and on-going maintenance to those who need support over and above what can be offered remotely. Our company has a strong interest in maintaining customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business and to utilize its customers as positive references. We specialize in computer application solutions, offering products to assist with increased efficiency while providing cost effective solutions.

Our customer base consists of hospitals, medical clinics, medical transcription services, county and local court systems, city hall, police, and fire department facilities, utility providers, insurance companies, agencies, adjusters, and law firms, just to name a few.