Leaders in Remote Court Appearances
CourtCall’s Remote Appearance Platform provides Judges, Court Staff, attorneys and other participants with efficient, organized and reliable technology services to allow for a simple remote appearance experience. CourtCall’s proprietary Remote Appearance Platform is designed to serve the specific needs of the Court with the latest communication technologies. Having completed millions of appearances for thousands of Judges, CourtCall continues to benefit legal communities of all sizes, throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.

The Modern Courtroom
Established in 1995, CourtCall’s Remote Appearance Platform has facilitated millions of appearances for thousands of Judges, attorneys and other participants throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide and remains the industry standard for remote Court Appearances – creating today’s modern courtroom.

The Platform can be easily customized by each Court, depending on which technologies and services each Judge prefers to have in their Courtroom.

CourtCall provides a simple and cost effective way for attorneys to make routine Civil, Family, Criminal, Probate, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and other appearances from their offices, homes or other convenient locations.