Physician Powered Clinical Reporting

Expert Speech Recognition

Fast, accurate and detailed reporting is the final product of a diagnostic patient procedure. Empowering the physician to report these results quickly and accurately is best for patient care. Fusion Expert® powered by SpeechMagic™ uniquely delivers an ease of use that guarantees your success at implementing speech-powered reporting.

Flexible workflow powered by advanced speech recognition is the foundation of this feature-rich document management system.

Speech recognition offers many possibilities including the promise to reduce transcription costs while providing physicians and patients with near instant result reporting. Fusion Expert delivers these advances with workflow options that insure wide adoption by all end users in every setting.

Fusion Expert is designed to provide the model of once-and-done reporting. The physician dictates and completes the report for fast delivery to the patient’s referrer. Over the years, the technology has emerged with the reality that speech recognition may not be compatible with every physician. Some physicians may be uncomfortable with changing their traditional way of dictating or may be hesitant to engage evolving technology. Fusion Expert meets the needs of all users by offering both speech recognition and the simplicity of standard dictation only, while making available advanced tools for automated normals, PACs integration and electronic signature.


A Key Component

If you understand that not all physicians are ready to use speech for every dictation, you understand the need for flexibility. The fl exibility of Fusion Expert comes from the user controlled options for creating the workflow that each user requires to be successful. If they do not adapt quickly to the technology, adapt the technology to the user.

In a single system, you can support the user who prefers once-and-done speech powered report completion without the aid of transcription. At the same time, determined by login or physician selection, reports can be edited by transcription to provide the advantage of increased transcription productivity.

For others, ordinary dictation and transcription may be the best plan. Fusion Expert also delivers this simple functionality in the same system.

If transcription has edited reports in the background, they have also trained the speech recognition to be more accurate through the process. Monitor outcomes to know when to turn on more once-and-done physicians. When this occurs the speech engine is already trained for peak performance.

Critical Test

Results Management

Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) technology is fast becoming an essential tool of the diagnostic department. Alert referring staff to important results with active outbound alerts, increasing the value of your diagnostic product and improving the environment for optimal patient care.

With Fusion Expert you can integrate to commercially available CTRM solutions or use Fusion’s integrated tools. Physicians or administrative staff can send a message to patient care providers to alert them to critical results in an exam. Send a fax, send a page or simply send a message requesting that the attending or referring physician initiate contact back to you to gain exam results.



Fusion Expert delivers proven integration to your existing clinical applications. To ease identification of patient and exam information, physicians simply select the dictation icon in your clinical application and the exam identifiers
pass to the Fusion Expert system increasing accuracy.

To provide fast and reliable project implementation, Fusion Expert with speech is integrated with many third party applications such as: Philips iSite, GE Centricity, McKesson HRS, Siemens, DR Systems, Amicas, Cerner, Agfa, MRS, INFINITT, Veriphy, Notifi , and Fuji.