Healthcare Dictation Workflow

Quality Starts Here

The quality of a patient’s chart relies upon the clinician’s ability to effectively communicate findings, plans and progress. A reliable, accessible and fluid dictation workflow is essential and Fusion Voice® provides this platform. Unique to Fusion Voice is its expansive feature list while remaining simple-to-use and easy-to-implement.

World-class health systems and community health providers, alike, find Fusion Voice can be tailored to meet their needs. The Fusion Voice dictation System provides a scalable architecture to accommodate growth. An exclusive, fault-tolerant design provides high availability. System partitioning provides a single system image that can be shared by many facilities and departments without compromise.

Dictation and speech recognition are different technologies but both can be delivered in one deployment of Fusion Voice. Speech recognition has reshaped the expectation of productivity in dictation and transcription. With your next dictation workflow system, speech recognition should be an essential element. Transition tools are built in to provide an avenue to reach beyond dictation to speech recognition when the technology is right for your physicians and your infrastructure is ready to support it.



A rule in meeting the needs of a diverse dictation plan is to be willing to break the rules. This adaptability is made possible by Fusion Voice through a series of built-in tools that allow even extreme customization to integrate with your existing IT solutions. Instead of teaching your staff how to use the system, teach the system how the users work. Take advantage of keystroke and process savings through simple integrations: let the EMR or PACs workstation identify a study and save scanning a barcode, or download the physician’s schedule to their dictation device instead and save pushing buttons, and let Fusion Voice update report statuses to departmental chart tracking systems to save manual data entry.

Providing the features expected by busy users and accommodating a potentially remote, and possibly global workforce, you are ready to meet inevitable change with these advanced dictation solutions.



An essential component in HIPAA/HITECH planning often has been the ability to manage the need to provide a highly accessible dictation reporting system while maintaining the safeguards required to protect health information.

Fusion Voice logs all events, tracks all access and can even alert you if a breach has potentially occurred. Encryption insures delivery of dictation from end-to-end without worry.

To insure business continuity in the event of computer or network failures, our exclusive Fault Tolerant Module (FTM) is essential to mission critical deployments. By distributing the processing and data storage across multiple servers, possibly even in different geographic locations, Fusion Voice provides single-view management with zero downtime expectation.

For disaster proof continuity of care, Dolbey offers managed fail-over dictation capability, Dictation Safe™. Whether its fire, flood, power outage, cut fiber or computer virus, if your system is not accessible by your users, they have an offsite
back-up that is always on and available.

User Friendly

Flexible Dictation Input

Fusion Voice elaborates on the traditional methods of digital dictation. Support includes telephones, dictate stations, and digital portables as well as dictation options from Blackberry, smart phones, PC-workstations and VoIP. Support one or all in the same installed solution.