Making the record work for our customers.

Twenty years ago, For The Record (FTR) pioneered the technologies that have become the industry standard for digitizing the spoken word. A lot has changed since the original FTR release, but the need to preserve the record with accuracy and completeness remains. Our focus today is as it was then – to provide everyday tools that enhance the value and usefulness of the record.

Complete, practical, real-world

For The Record is part of a family of companies noted for its innovative, complete and practical solutions based on a real-world understanding of daily workflows and challenges of the court. With the everyday insights of our sister company, which is the largest user of FTR solutions globally, we’re dedicated to helping customers make the most of the record and supporting new and smarter ways of working.

The recent amalgamation of Court Record Solutions with the FTR development team introduces exciting opportunities to better integrate products and services and define our product set to suit the requirements of key users. This will form a part of our research and innovation arm – FTR Labs.

Worldwide Operations

For The Record is a truly global organization. Our development operation, FTR Labs, is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with an additional development office in Perth. In the USA, our sales and support team is based in Phoenix, Arizona and services the Americas. We also have a presence throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We provide a full service offering to customers worldwide, from pre-sales support, account management, on-demand problem resolution and on-site training and systems conditioning.

Partners who are driven

Critical to the FTR service is the support our trusted partners provide to customers every day. Our FTR Partners are specialized technology businesses local to your area who are experienced in delivering best-practice FTR implementation and who will guide you through every step of the process.

A grand vision

Our applications and technology will change the future of mission-critical record operations for the better. Fail-safe recordings, simple content management and reliable distribution to the end user, when they need it, is the key to a successful record production process. Our products are user-friendly, accessible and always on. We continue to innovate constantly and uniquely validate our assumptions in the real world. We leverage our operational knowledge and experiences to inform and guide our customers in solving their problems.

By doing all of this, we will create leading, value-driven and sustainable record operations for justice, government and law enforcement bodies around the world.

Values we live by

Creativity, Simplicity, Responsiveness, Collaboration, Delivery

Why we come to work

To ensure the digital record is captured faithfully without fail, and can be accessed by those who need it, when they need it.