FUSION: Voice, Text, Speech, and Coding

Integrated but Modular

Fusion Voice®,Fusion Text®, Fusion Speech®, Fusion Expert® and Fusion CAC™ are offered as either a highly integrated solution or as modular components. When modular, the dictation, transcription, speech and computer-assisted coding solutions are designed to integrate with your existing solutions to deliver seamless vendor-to-vendor functionality.

As an integrated suite of solutions, these products can accelerate your drive toward productivity by encompassing the entire lifecycle in creating the patient care record. From the point of dictation or speech recognition, to transcription or editing, to electronic signature, to coding and billing: the Fusion Suite™ can provide one application with a shared database and a single managed view.

Simplicity is a byproduct of the integrated Fusion Suite approach. By reducing the applications that require support and training, your staff can focus more on their work and less on their software. By reducing the required integrations, you eliminate cost and increase your ability to manage change. By sharing a common data set with dictation, transcription and speech recognition, you reduce redundant tasks and data entry.

For enterprise-wide healthcare deployments, an integrated approach saves time and money and delivers results faster. The Fusion Suite can meet the varied business models you deploy, by facility or department, in a single solution without compromise. In a single system, these products can deliver simple dictation for some, more complex front-end speech for others while accommodating both in-sourcing and outsourcing of transcription. From small workgroups to large integrated health networks, the Fusion Suite is packed with tools to guarantee success across all users and all disciplines in healthcare.