The Ultimate Recording Technology

Atis Advantage Model PL-3200 (Small to Medium Applications)

The PL-3200 is a hardware and software solution, combining quality and reliability into one easy-to-own system. With a 15-year production history, spanning a wide range of industries, the PL-3200 is a solid investment.

Atis Advantage Model PL-4800 (Medium to Large Applications)

The PL-4800 is a hardware and software solution, combining stability, reliability, and expand-ability into one state-of-the-art system. With diverse options and upgrades, the PL-4800 can easily integrate into your existing communications installation. PL-4800 – when call recording is critical.

Atis Advantage Model PL-5000 (Large Applications)

The PL-5000 is a member of the Advantage Series line of recorders featuring the MDR Recording System. The PL-5000 provides the ultimate in recording technology where reliability and dependability are of the utmost importance. The system offers a high level of integration into existing communication installations.

The easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes the PL-5000 ideally suited for applications in public safety, air traffic control, public utilities, financial institutions and corporate businesses.

The PL-5000 Digital Recording System combines industrial strength packing with reliable and dependable recording applications. The PL-5000 System Rack features a lockable archive drive bay door for dust-proof integrity and running security.